Further education and training in the field of small animal medicine

For national and international universities, veterinary practices and governmental institutions

My training offers

All about small animal medicine with a focus on imaging diagnostics and internal medicine in German or English

Emergencies including resuscitation and ECG

This training block initially includes an introduction to the topic and, for example, forms of shock, emergencies of the respiratory tract and the circulatory system, the gastrointestinal tract, ECG training and poisoning.

Infectious diseases and anemias

This training block covers bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases in dogs and cats. Lectures on anemia with laboratory diagnostics, classification and therapies can also be booked. Lectures on anemias, including laboratory diagnostics, classification and therapies, can also be booked.

X-ray seminar with practical exercises

This training block includes physical background, radiation, radiation protection, the way to a good X-ray image through correct positioning, as well as the assessment of X-ray images of physiological and pathological findings.

Ultrasound seminar with practical exercises

This training block includes theory on the physiology and pathology of the respective organ and practical exercises on the animal.

Echocardiography seminar with practical exercises, heart diseases

This training block includes an introduction to echocardiography combined with practical exercises on animals. Further lectures on heart diseases are possible.

Preparation of required documents and handouts

Necessary documents and schedules for patient owners, colleagues or in the service of official bodies can be compiled clearly and simply structured on request.

You want to learn more?

The training courses take place as face-to-face events or as online training in German or English, depending on your preference and availability.
Detailed information on training blocks and the necessary time frame can be given easily on request. In addition, I am also happy to respond to your wishes on the topics.

The length of the seminar blocks depends on the topic. The duration of the individual lectures is about 1 to 2 hours.
In some subject areas, it is definitely advisable to carry out practical exercises, especially in the areas of echocardiography, sonography and X-rays. The theoretical topics can also be taught as a preceding online block.

The trainer behind DocDoreen

My name is Doreen Succow, a veterinarian and globetrotter with body and soul. Even during my veterinary medicine studies in Berlin, I was very impressed by the inspiring lecturers. I completed my specialist veterinary training at the clinic for small animals at the University of Leipzig, where I took part in teaching (students, colleagues), also abroad (UNESP, Brazil). My thirst for adventure then took me to the other end of the world (UAE).

There, too, my everyday professional life was determined by the enriching cooperation with national and international students. Back in Germany, I mainly worked as a specialist in imaging diagnostics and internal medicine as well as head of internal training in a private veterinary company. It always makes me happy when former trainees contact me and report on their successes. The idea of ​​”DocDoreen.com” arose on the one hand from the demand for flexible practical courses and on the other hand from my desire to combine the professional with the multicultural.

Thanks to international connections, modern technology and a passion for learning, the possibilities are limitless.

1996 – 2003

Studied veterinary medicine at the Free University of Berlin

2003 – 2008

Specialist veterinary training at the small animal clinic of the University of Leipzig

2008 – 2020

Veterinary activity
Clinic manager in Dubai/UAE

2020 – 2023

Veterinary activity
Specialist in imaging diagnostics, Head of training in Germany

My goal - practical and structured further training

After a comprehensive degree, specialist veterinary training and a very varied career as well as several specialist further training courses, I decided to create DocDoreen. My goal is to offer training and further education in the field of small animal medicine in Germany, Europe and worldwide in order to give many colleagues access to practical training. It is important to pass on knowledge in a structured way and to make it easily accessible.

Why you should work with me? Because I love my job and teaching, which I have always done on the side throughout my veterinary career.

This is how a cooperation works

Are your employees or students interested in training, or have you decided to take part in DocDoreen’s continuing education offering?

These are the following steps:

Send a request for the desired module via the contact form. Please state a possible time frame and your desire for online training or a face-to-face course.


I will email you information such as module lengths, individual presentation lengths, and course schedules.


Further detailed arrangements regarding individual dates, course modalities and course participants will follow via email.

My training offer

Online seminar

The events will be held via Zoom. You will receive a detailed plan of the seminar times in advance. After the log-in data has been sent to you without any problems, your colleagues, employees or students can conveniently take part in the training courses from the seminar rooms or from home.

Face-to-face training

These training courses are held on site. Practical seminars in particular can only be taught in face-to-face training. This includes practical exercises on the subject of echocardiography, sonography and X-rays. Ultrasound devices and a digital X-ray system must be provided on site.

All my seminars can be held in German or English. I would be happy to email you the training content in advance so that the participants can print it out on site. There is also the option of storing the content for the participants in a shared DropBox.

Evaluation sheet

Your feedback after my presentation is important to me. Each participant is asked to rate the previous DocDoreen lecture. For evaluation, please fill out the evaluation form and send it back to me by e-mail.

Former participants

About the cooperation with DocDoreen

George Brendea​

I'm one of the lucky vets who had the chance to work with Doreen. I got to know her as a professional doctor and talented teacher as well as a very special person. Her courses are great - always well prepared, very understandable and practical.

Sarah Anani

Thanks to Doreen, I was finally able to do ultrasounds on dogs and cats on my own and understand echocardiography better. Dealing with her apprentices is always at eye level. Her nice and relaxed manner took away my fears and gave me more self-confidence. Training with her is just fun.

Maria Apostolidou​

In the last two years I have had the pleasure of seeing Doreen regularly during two training blocks. In addition to personal competence, she is characterized by a great deal of empathy, passion and love for people and animals. She lives her job as a vocation. The lectures were always very inspiring and gave new impulses for further everyday working life.

Fatma Nur AŞIK
Veterinary medicine student

Doreen is the best mentor I have ever met. During our collaboration with me as an exchange student, she explained everything to me in detail and responded to my feedback. Her friendliness and willingness to pass on her own knowledge were the best things about my time in Germany.

Contact Form

You would like to book a training event and would like to have more details? Use the following contact form and write me a message. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.